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Philipsburg is a National Historic District with unique architecture and historic renovations from its wild mountain mining camp days of the late 1880's. Georgetown Lake, 12 miles to the southeast, is a beautiful year-round recreation spot situated beside the Anaconda - Pintler Scenic Wilderness. Wildlife viewing, ghost towns, the Ghost Town Hall of Fame, blue-ribbon fishing, sapphire hunting, and year-round water sports are awaiting your adventuresome spirit


Philipsburg sits at the center of the Pintler Scenic Route, a 63-mile loop that enters and exits I-90 at exit #154 to the north and exit #208 to the southeast. The scenic beauty is the original Yellowstone Trail that travelers enjoy between Glacier and Yellowstone Parks.


The five heat treated sapphires arrived within two days after you mailed them. I am very pleased with their colors. Very pleased! Shari, Washington